Kyle Cease: The Illusion of Money


While watching an episode from School of Greatness with Lewis Howes (see below for video), I was introduced to Kyle Cease. Kyle Cease is the author of a book, The Illusion of Money. He’s also a comedian, which adds a nice element to his writing. Kyle explores what can be an uncomfortable subject for everyone. Breaking through money myths and stories you’ve told yourself or were drilled in your brain while growing up. He peppers with humor which allows for his practical and almost magical advice to breakthrough.

Perks to Purchasing Kyle Cease Book

Another great perk to purchasing The Illusion of Money is you get FREE access to his documentary. The documentary is a little over an hour long and it showcases real stories from real people. Some of the people have a scarcity mindset and some have an abundant mindset. Kyle helps the people break down their fear of money.

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Here is Kyle’s interview with Lewis Howes:


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