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The Invisible Selling Machine was written by the best of the best in online marketing, Ryan Deiss. GOAT material.

I’ve been working in online marketing for the past 13 years and there comes the point where it ‘s hard to find resources to learn from and further advance my skills. I attend industry events. Read all the books. Sign up for every damn webinar. I’ve purchased most online marketing programs I could find.
 Not to sound vain (just a little bit) but these events, books, online classes, webinars, etc. taught me very little in comparison to hands-on work I’ve already done over my years in online marketing. I’d end all of them disappointed that I didn’t learn something more to advance my skills. Not to say I wasn’t able to find some valuable take away from them – because I did. I’ve benefited through networking, finding a new SAAS, or leaving with newfound motivation. I just wasn’t able to go feeling like I gained a competitive edge. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some stellar agencies, clients, and people at a very young age to gain some hella amazing experience. Finding Ryan’s book, the Invisible Selling Machine and the crew over at Digital Marketer was what I needed to advance my social media and digital marketing skills.

In Invisible Selling Machine, Ryan shares the 5 Steps to Crafting an automated, evergreen email campaign that makes sales while you sleep. I’m going to tell you the five steps because that won’t give away the contents of the book…but if you want to know the rest, “Hey, buy the rights.” (How Bizarre How Bizarre. Ohhhh baby —love that song).

As marketers, we often hear that the money is in the list. “The List” being your email database. Most marketers, however, don’t know how to utilize that list to turn it into a cash making machine. What more can you do besides send out your monthly newsletter or alert subscribers of a coupon offer?
Many marketers (including myself) often rely on social advertising to do the heavy lifting. There’s no doubt that there is some money making magic on Facebook or Pinterest ads. Imagine though using your social advertising budget to focus on acquiring more email addresses. This allows you to build a list that you can market to over and over again. All at little to no hard dollar cost in comparison to using your social ad dollars to always focus on acquiring customers.
When I said in my first sentence, Ryan Deiss was the best of the best; I’m not just saying that. In the past couple years, I have easily spent over $10,000 attending their Traffic & Conversion Summit, buying their programs (The Machine & Funnel Blueprint), monthly education, and their certification courses. For some odd reason too, I own three copies of Invisible Selling Machine. Not sure how that happened, but I guess it’s that good.

Phase 1: Indoctrinate
You must introduce new people to you and your brand. A warm welcome. Get out of the stranger zone and build rapport.

Phase 2: Engage
Talk to your new subscribers about what interests them and encourage them to buy a relevant product.

Phase 3: Ascend
Welcome your new customer and encourage them to upgrade their experience by purchasing from you again

Phase 4: Segment
Learn what they want to hear more about and what they ought to buy next – making sure subscribers get emails most relevant to them.

Phase 5: Re-engage / Win Back
Bring them back when they’ve fallen out of touch or the relationship has gone cold

Imagine how valuable Phase 5 would be just to know how to reactive all of your email subscribers who no longer open or engage with your emails. Not only would your bottom line increase by getting them to engage with you again, but your overall “delivery to inbox” rates can improve by dropping the dead weight of those who just are not interested.

Here’s how this email marketing funnel looks (click on the image to be taken to their blog for a larger, more detailed version):

A new prospect must be INDOCTRINATED before they’ll engage with your message; must ENGAGE before they’ll buy; must buy before they’ll ASCEND; and once the process is over they’ll need to be SEGMENTED based on interest before they become RE-ENGAGED and buy again. -Ryan Deiss

Now obviously, to do this type of email marketing, it will take some time to set it up, and you may need to upgrade or invest in different email marketing software. I’ve been able to implement these tactics with a paid version of MailChimp and have also used the more expensive route of Infusionsoft. If coming up with the right campaign and executing the Invisible Selling Machine is more than you can handle, no problem. You can find a Digital Marketer Certified Partner on their website OR contact me. Depending on your industry and my bandwidth I do take on clients and set up these type of sales funnels. The Invisible Selling Machine is also filled with real email samples from ALL KINDS of industries – both product based, B2B, and informational products.

Whether you’re starting with an email list of zero or you have 100,000+ emails, the Invisible Selling Machine will take you through a blueprint to perfect the email marketing sales funnel. If you haven’t cracked the code to making money online with your product or service, start with email marketing and sales funnel. Yes, before you even dive into running ads on Facebook or Pinterest.

**While I do admire the Digital Marketer team, there’s another email marketing and sales funnel Ninja on the scene whose book blew my mind. Any guesses who I am talking about? HINT: His book is featured in some of my social media header images.**

Invisible Selling Machine

Invisible Selling Machine

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