Awww you want to know about me (Ashley. Creator of this site)! You just made my day, for real. I obsessively check my Google Analytics and I see you visiting this About page.

Have you ever tried to write about yourself? It’s really weird. And difficult. I want to make myself sound sassy and intriguing, but, yet, be relatable and authentic. You know? Honestly, this site is new and I’m still working out those kinks.

This website was birthed as a result of a mental breakdown …or just me, following my bliss. I waver back and forth. Come back to this page in a couple weeks. I’ll get my story up soon so we can bond and you can decide for yourself if I’m crazy or courageous. For now, follow my daily Instagram Stories to get to know me and see what I look like because I also don’t have the perfect selfie to share yet.